Andee Connors Review

Back when we released “Entrance to the Mountain” we submitted our music to Pandora and didn’t hear anything back for a while. Two months later we got a message from Andee Connors who played in “A Minor Forest” telling us that we got accepted and attached a review. I’ve wanted to share the link for a while now, but I could never find it anywhere online.

“The dizzying debut from these Southern math rockers is yet another recent record that belies its actual chronology. Sonically, Entrance To The Mountain is straight out of 1995, their self described ‘caffeine-rock’ a gnarled, wildly acrobatic display of intricate time signatures, loose limbed (yet impossibly precise) octopoidal drumming, prog-fusion freakouts and a dense, constantly shifting hypno-rock churn, that positions Mount Vesuvius Death March amidst late great math/post/noise rock groups like Rodan, Polvo and Don Caballero. MVDV deftly balance a bombastic, near-metallic heaviness with more cerebral, labyrinthine math-jazz jams, and while the whole group are stellar players, drummer Elliot Russo might be the MVP here, his relentlessly, inventive and ferocious pound giving Don Cab’s Damon Che a serious run for his math rock drum god money!”

A Minor Forest was a huge influence so this was a bizarre experience. Thanks for the review Andee. If anyone can find it online please let me know.